About Us

Seaika is been developed and created by a mother-daughter duo. The brand is based in Mumbai, India.  It is a prêt-à-porter brand for modern women. We at Seaika are trying to handle all kinds of textiles whilst keeping an eye on environmental good. We believe that with our strong desire and determination we will soon be developing more products and achieve our vision.

Our label caters to all those women who are independent, modern, and are sensitive towards the environment. Inspired by modest fashion and a mindful lifestyle, we are trying to build a delightful shopping experience through our website.

Design Philosophy

Seaika as a brand started with the simple idea of being self-reliant and reflecting on a mindful lifestyle for the urbane woman. Seeking the right approach to use resources mindfully and follow ethical practices Seaika promotes a modest way of dressing.

All the designs pivot around the idea of design longevity by interplaying between aesthetics and functionality. Our further goal is to achieve a zero-waste design model where there is no textile waste at the manufacturing level. At Seaika the heart of the design process lies in doing good and feeling good!